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Hi. 🙌🏼, This is Will.

Welcome to my about page! I saw you were wondering who I am. Well, let me introduce myself! 😊

Who are you? 👨🏻‍💻

I am a Software Engineer 💻 based in Chicago with background in Art and Design 🎨. I attended School of the Art Institute of Chicago for my Bachelors degree 🎓

How did you start 💻 coding?

During my Sophomore year, there was an opening for a class called 'Object Oriented Programming.' I was curious to know what the class was and took it - and it changed my life. Since then, I've been coding and diving deeper into the world of programming. Now I am here!

What are you currently doing?

Currently, I am working as a Web Developer in Legion Collective, a design agency based in Chicago. I am currently into Web Technology 🌐 using JavaScript, React and TypeScript. Occasionally, I am also doing some work in PHP, Python and C++. At home, I normally work on my side projects 🕹, build dev tools 🛠 or fun games 👾

Anything else? 💭

I have special love for minimalism, technology and the nature 🌱 Let's save the nature and make the 🌎 a better place. Plus, I love quotes too.

Thanks for visiting! 🙌🏼

without wax,

Will Kim

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