Trip to Jeon-ju Part 1

2013-05-13 11.19.43.jpg

On May 13th, 2013, I had a trip to a place in Korea called Jeon-ju to visit my aunt and my cousins. After few days arriving to Korea, I was really sort of bored and did not know what to do - all I was doing in my house was just studying and making work with blender. Although I love doing 3D modeling, I needed to do somthing else, something... more physically active like traveling to somewhere.

Hence, I called up my aunt, who lives in Jeon-ju and asked her whether if I can visit her place for a week and she said yes.

2013-05-13 11.19.48.jpg

I first arrived at a resting spot where people can fill up their gases and replenish their energy during their long journey with their vehicles. I was able to see  lots of people crowded in restaurants and shops which sold souvenirs and old CD's of 70s and 80s Korean pop song musics.


After visiting the place to stop by, I went on the bus for next 1 hour 30 min ride to Jeon-ju. I estimate the total traveling hours to be around 2~3 hours.

After 1 hour 30 minutes, I was able to arrive at Jeon-ju station. Compared to Seoul, the place was actually not very crowded, rather there was some sense of tranquility around the place - it was perfect place, for me at least, for me to get away from all the busy metropolitan lifestyle. Oh, and the food was absoslutely fabulous too haha - can't miss out the foods in the traveling.


After meeting with my aunt, there was something unexpected thing happened, therefore I had a visit to a rural providence of Jeon-ju to solve the problem (apparently, my cousin's grandpa had few problems with his gas on his automobile, so we had to fix that).

However the trip to the area was absolutely gorgeous. The scenery that was yet untouched by human hands were somewhat grandeur but serene at the same time. The scenery was really beautiful and I want to share few shots I took of the scenery. 


My cousin's grandpa's place.

PS - The photos were taken while the car was moving so it is pretty amazing how most of the images are not shacky. Oh and I wasn't driving when I took the photos.



It was around 3PM when I arrived back to Jeon-ju city where there was bit of high rise buildings and more modernized buildings stood up. However, before going back into the house, aunt and I went to the traditional Korean market, where they sold fruits.


After this visit the fruit market, I was finally able to arrive at my aunts house, able to finally take a rest from the long trip. So far, the trip has been fun and somewhat relaxing as well, even though I had to travel significantly more than I expected. I think this unexpected change of plan is what makes a travelling more exciting and enjoyable.