Trip to Jeon-ju Part 2

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The next day, we had a trip to a traditional preserved area nearby Jeon-ju. As you can see in the photograph majority of the traditional buildings where still preserved and it was also interesting to see how few of the buildings were developed to merge with modern design as well.


We realized that the interior was integrated with modern furnishes and style as well. Hence there was very unique atmosphere of traditional atmosphere merging with contemporary interior design which I personally liked it.


The place was being used as a shop where it sold traditional and post-contemporary Korean art works.


The outer layer of the house however, seemed to be still preserved with traditional architectural layout. I personally liked the style where there seemed to be an intimate relationship between the exterior and the interior of the architecture. In other words, the design had no really definite boundaries between the the 'outside' and the 'inside', but they were harmoniously linked together - as if even the exterior of the house seemed to the part of the whole house. It offered very flexible transformation of the house's usage and design. I really loved this relationship. 


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Here's more photos that I took:


Introduction of Greenery - a lot of greenery.


While I was enjoying the beautiful scenery of Korean Traditional Architectures, I discovered something you would not expect in this place: a Cathedral.

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Although discovering a Cathedral in the middle of this kind of place, I have to say that the Cathedral was beautiful in some way too. 


Something interesting is that I used to, and sometimes now as well, find it difficult to really appreciate the style of old and the antique. I am a lover of minimalism and sophistication.I think the beauty of minimalism and the aesthetics are immensely powerful and very attractive to me. And when people say that how the old buildings are beautiful in some way, most of the time I do not fully understand the beauty of this, vibe of antique and old.

However I realized that the in the foundation of modern art and design, there is all the artistic styles from the past, such as Renaissance and Gothic where they have experimented, researched and innovated to reach the artistic style we see today. Understanding this, allowed me to acknowledge the importance of the artistic style of the past.

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After visiting the Cathedral, we went to see more of the Traditional Korean buildings.

The Entrance of one of the Palaces for the King.

Entrance from side view

Flower field


The building above is one of the example a Hanok, merged with modern design. As we can see, it created interesting vibe to the architecture. Actually it feels like early 20th century Japanese housing style, where the Japanese style of modernism started to take place; the very systematic allocation of space and usage of straight and square lines and shapes which clearly represents few of the aspects which sums up to what we see as minimalism.

Here are more photograph of the traditional buildings:


Water mill

Frog Fountain

Another example of traditional house merged with modern/ contemporary design.

Another Korean Traditional House. It was surprising to discover the elements of sophisticated and elegant design within the buildings.

Beautifully bricked wall. Bricked wall is a iconic elements which merges the traditional and modern style of design.

Madang, the Korean definition of 'garden' or a 'front yard'

Statue with written symbols

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After the trip to the Traditional buildings, we went to watch the 'iron man 3' movie which is one of my favorite movie series in Hollywood. The movie was indeed great. You can never go wrong with Tony.