Trip to Jeon-ju Part 3


It's been 2 days since my arrival to Jeon-ju. Today, I went to a place where there was a bit of walking and climbing to do. 



The place we went to was called 'Magui. Mt' meaning 'Horse's ear Mountain'. as the summit of the mountain looked like a horse's ear.



The car park of the entrance.



I started walking up the mountain.



Mountain walk. I was able to discover few me chants along the streets selling souvenirs.


Mountain walk.

Crowd of people walking up the mountain

More people walking up the mountain.

Mountain walk.


A lake.


People walking up.


I was able finally to arrive the mid point of the mouton track where there a large space for the people to gather around and few souvenir and convenient stores. There were already large number of people in the area taking photos and enjoying themselves.


Here's more of the photos I took.


I was surprised to discover that there were large number of people already gathered around here. I realized that the majority of the people were teenagers, came here for a school trip.


A temple and stone pillars.

A notice. It says 'please do not touch the stone pillars'.

A stone pillar

A view from pillar area.

A temple.


As the other places around Korea, there is always a temple located in a middle of a mountain. 


A temple corridor.

View from the temple.

The stone pillar.


Here are some of the pictures that I took around the pillar area.


Overall, today's trip was fun but rather relaxing compared to the trips that I had before.