Japan | Fukuoka | 03


Second day at Japan - and it was amazing.

別府 (Beppu)


別途 (Beppu)


After having a dinner at Fukuoka, we took a highway bus to a place called '別府 - Beppu'; We decided to stay in a friend's house in Beppu for our rest of our trip. 

When we arrive at Beppu, we realised that Beppu possesses something that we don't really see in other places: 'serenity'. The town was very (very) quite and calm. It was such a long time I felt this sense of tranquility before. 


Street of Beppu

Surrounded by nature, Beppu is famously known for tourism for hot springs. On the second day, we decided to explore somewhere called '由布院 (Yufuin)' - a place which is also famous for tourism and sight seeing.


由布院 (Yufuin)

'由布院 - Yufuin' was definitely a place where you could feel traditional 'Japan'. Majority of the buildings seemed to be built in a old fashion, emitting very traditional Japanese cultural vibe to the surrounding. However it was pity that there were so many tourists in that area, hence it was bit crowded.


It was interesting to discover that there are carriage transportation services carried by people - it felt very Japan-istic.

Love this


金賞コロッケ (Kinshya Korottke)

Also, we had a privilege to try ’コロッケ (Korottke)' which won the best place in entire Japan. Surely it proved it correct - the taste was phenomenal.


コロッケ (Kinshya Korottke)


The second day was rather relaxing - though we walked quite a distance, the nature certainly provided some unexperienced tranquility which I really enjoyed. Start of second day was certainly looked more like tourist activity - and we had so much fun.