Japan | Fukuoka | 04

Third day in Japan. So far so great.


別途 (Beppu)


Today, we decided to take a visit to hot springs located in Beppu. Beppu is famous for hot springs and luckily enough my friend was able to give us a tour. 

In total, we visited 3 hot springs - 2 hot springs for tourism and 1 hot spring place for us to sit and relax. To begin with, the 2 hot springs we visited for tourisms are 海地獄 (Sea Hell) hot spring and 血の池地獄 (Blood Hell) hot spring. The place we stayed for relaxation was called 'ひょうたん温泉 - Hyoutan Onsen (Hot spring)'.


海地獄 - Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell)

Not really sure why it is called the 'Sea Hell' but this touristic hot spring has hot spring which has a very unique colour to the water. Perhaps that's the reason why it is called the Sea Hell.


After exploring the Sea Hell hot spring, we decided to take a tour on a hot spring called the 血の池地獄 - Blood Hell hot spring. It was surprising to discover that the Blood Hell hot spring was actually located pretty far from the Sea Hell. And surprising enough, we travelled to Blood Hell hot spring on foot.


血の池地獄 Chinoike Jigoku (Blood Hell)

The è¡€ã®æ± åœ°ç„ (Blood Hell) hot spring was, to be honest, bit disappointing. Although the colour of the hot spring was bright red (perhaps bit pinkish too) due to the colour of the layer of a mud underneath.


'ひょうたん温泉 - Hyoutan Onsen'

After visiting both Sea and Blood Hell, we took a visit to hot spring called 'ひょうたん温泉 - Hyoutan Onsen' where we were able to put ourselves in the hot spring for relaxation. The experience was sensational - it was such a long time I felt my body being relaxed. 


The second day in Beppu was amazing. We had so much great experience and great memories to bring with us.


I realised that Japan has this very unique atmosphere where everything is very organised and aesthetically simple visually. This design language of Japan certainly inspired me greatly as the visual and systematic beauty certainly have gave me a great influence in terms of design. It was pretty amazing to realised how people and the culture is very intimately related with this aesthetic as well.

Japan is indeed a country which I wish take another visit, hoping to visit every part of Japan if I have the opportunity. Certainly, it is the country where it has beautiful design language and social organization and I am really inspired from that. Now I understand why many of the famous designers and artists take visit to Japan.