Alternative Ego

What is it like to be alone in the Universe? Yes, alone. There is literally no one left, except you. 

When I was young, I thought of an idea of being left alone in the whole world. There is nobody around, but just you. Interesting thing is that in the past, I thought this may be impossible. But now as I think about it, this may be all true - in the world of digital era, VR being the next great invention following the computer, it may seem viable that people will start to prefer the digital world more than the reality. Imagine Inception or Matrix. 

For this project, I thought of a world where people have started to upload themselves into the digital world, and I am the last one to be uploaded. I wanted to capture the moment that the last human being on the Earth is being uploaded.

In a closed space, I installed three devices with screen, showing the recorded file; one projected on the wall, one on the floor, and another on me. Please refer to the plan below:


Screen 01

Screen 02

Screen 0201

Screen 03


Notice that there is a subtitle in the projection video. That is a poem which illustrates the situation where I am the final human being, being uploaded into the digital world. Here's the poem:

Once a 7.5 billion
Now only one
Once he is gone
His being is gone
Though he may have heart
Not any longer soon
Since one cannot truly live
With embrace of loneliness
Physical realm, so finite
Yet the digital realm, so infinite.
In the world of lights and particles
Materials no longer matter
Only the conscious remains
When he makes a choice
He will make history,
But no one could see the history
Seconds by seconds
Bit and bit 
He dissipates
And evaporate 
Hours by hours
He will be our's
Now it is a time
Time for history to be marked
That no one will see
Let the Earth be with nature
Let the Earth be in solitude
Let this place, be the final place for the light
After now,
It will be dark, forever
So let’s rejoice
Let the countdown begin