Character Study


Model making plays a crucial role in the process of inventing, sketching and exploring the unconventional areas of design. Such process could lead us to unexpected, and sometimes, a happy accident which we may never have thought of. This course was a model making course and I was introduced with tasks of exploring various expression of a chosen alphabet, selected by myself in the beginning of the course. In my case, I chose an alphabet, ‘I’.

Disclaimer: This is a simplified version of the project. For further in depth / detailed work, please visit here.


2 Dimension

How can we manipulate / experiment with the chosen alphabet in 2 dimension? Acting as a pathway into 3D experiment, I attempted few different methods to manipulate the alphabet in 2 Dimensional image.

Later, I attempted to translate few of the 2D experimentation into 3 dimensional models.




Bringing the sketches from the 2D images, I decided to develop them into 3D, mostly focusing on the form of the object: how can I create, experiment and express the alphabet 'I' without literally expressing it?



MDF and laser cut is like bread and butter - It is perfect for prototyping models, and exploring the form. Departing from cardboard, I decided to utilize the laser cut and MDF to explore the form. This is the first set of experimentation. (01)

One of the big element of model that I added is the fact that the toy-like nature of the individual pieces of the model allow limitless number of possible configurations. This was something that I found very interesting and decided to utilize this element to explore the chosen alphabet.



Square edges may not be the only solution to the problem - I decided to incorporate the element of curve and circular edges to my model. This allowed me to construct more dynamic exploration of the model.



This was a first attempt to use different materials besides MDF - I used transparent acrylic to illustrate the element of floating in the model. 


Materials & Textures


This stage of the project focuses on using variety of different materials. The the material that I used for the initial experimentation was foam.



Section Drawings

For the next experimentation, I decided to apply element of architecture into the model, now defining the model in terms of scale. Applying architectural element inevitably forces me to explore the potential of interior, hence I decided to create some section drawings to lighten up some imagination about the interior of models that I created.


3D Modeling

For exterior of the model, I decided to use photomontage technique and 3D modeling to illustrate the potential architectural use of the model and the scale of the piece.



Combining all the experimentations (materials, form, etc) from previous studies, the final piece should illustrate the chosen alphabet in the best possible way that it could.

The project was rigorous, heavy loaded, but very rewarding. Hope you enjoyed the project as I have.