Status Updates: October 2019

My monthly summary, goals and updates about me on October 4th, 2019

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October 04, 2019

This is a new posts that I am thinking of doing every months, where I share what is currently happening with my life (or what had happened). You can think of this as a simple journal.

Just a simple status updates which I would like to keep a record of.

So, as of October 4th, 2019, I...


  • Started a new gig with
  • Started learning TypeScript.


I need to do:

I need to study:

  • Data Structure & Algorithms - For fun and for competitions
  • C++, Python (Recap)
  • TypeScript (with React and Redux)

There's also few (very) long-term goals that I want to do:

  • Understand Low-level computer systems
  • Build my own programming language
  • Robotics - build my things! My philosophy has always revolved with creating and making things.
  • Languages (French, German, Japanese)

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