Tetris 👾 created with Java in Processing.

November 05, 2017

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During my spring Semester, I attempted two huge projects for my finals for Object Orientated Programming course at my school. I planned to create two games entirely from scratch where one is Snake game and the other was Tetris.

I remembered that creating the Snake Game was challenging but I was able to pull it off - however for the Tetris, I wasn't.

After the semester ended, I took a break (quite a long break actually) from finishing my Tetris game and last week, I decided to take up the challenge. And finally, I was able to finish building the game

The game is entirely created from scratch without any external helps. I used Java and Processing IDE to build this game.

**Disclaimer - There is a lag when playing the game as the shapes are moving. I am in process of trying ameliorate this problem for smoother game play.

Keyboard Controls:


P - Pause

O - Resume

R - Restart

Use arrow keys on the keyboard as controls

You may also change themes accordingly by using the Number keys:

1 - Theme01

2 - Theme02

3 - Theme03

4 - Theme04

5 - Theme05

** For Debugger Mode, press 'D' in the keyboard. To return back to the original play, press 'N'.

Tetris Game