With the help of tutorial in a website called,, today I decided to work with something called 'Suzanne' which is a prototype model already inside the blender program.

I also heard that the purpose of Suzanne is to test materials and lighting for blender.

Anyways, for those of you who does not know what is Suzanne...:


A very cute monkey.

Now, I'll try to place Suzanne in the blender.


Now, if I render this...


I get this result. Looks like it is too dark. Let's make the surrounding bit brighter.


Now, as there is light, lets start working with some colors.


Looks like some kind of Caramel monkey... Looks sweet.


Now, I decided to add some more details such as reflection to Suzanne.

As a result, it looks like it gives more realistic result.


Final Render

So far, I was experimenting with materials and lighting using Suzanne, Suzanne does really help me to experiment with variety of materials and lighting.

The rendering I used today is Blender Render, which comes with the Blender originally. The previous renderings that I posted are all done with Cycles Rendering.