32nd MBC Architecture, Interior Architecture, Furniture Expo


On the 27th of April, I went to see the 32nd MBC Architecture, Interior Architecture and Furniture Expo in Kintex, Korea.













When I went inside, I was actually surprised to realized that the Expos in Korea is very different compared to the Expos in the States.





The Korean Expo seemed to have more of a 'market' atmosphere rather than an exhibition. The place were overflowing with merchants who was advertising its product (especially furnitures) to the audience.





Very first, I went through the furniture expo and below, there are some pictures of furniture which was displayed on the Expo.































































































One of the Furniture display which caught my eyes were this automatic folding furniture. This furniture seemed to allow the users to control, by allowing them to open and close the parts of the furniture.







The picture below shows the bed is being 'opened' from the wall, allowing the user to save the space which the bed takes up.











This product seemed to be the best product I have found in this Expo as I am very interested in studying furnitures, and interiors which consist of using small spaces efficiently. This is because small space allow the designer to create very intimate relationship between different objects and the space itself. This sophisticated relationship is what I adore in terms of design.















After that I was able to discover the Architecture Expo, where I was actually surprised to discover that actual 'house' was being displayed in the exhibition. First, I thought it was a model of a house, however I realized it was an actual house. Later, I was told that the houses which were displayed were 'portable' or able to be 'delivered' and be installed in a piece of land where desired. I found this idea very fascinating. 











This is the interior of one of the houses. I personally love this interior due to the really clever layout and application of 1.5th floor (The floor between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor) which allows the user to have intimate space which he or she can use by herself, while at the same time, leaves a quite a big space behind. 

















I also found this house quite attractive too as the interior of this house has the style of modernism and minimalism integrated to the design.





























In conclusion, the Expo was a bit disappointing as almost everyone there did not seemed to appreciate the Expo as some sort of exhibition, rather as a market place where people just sell and buy product. There was lack of appreciation of art and design - everyone was just busy in trying to make money.


However, I was able to discover and get inspired with new ideas and concept which I could later apply for my projects which was satisfying.