Anyone thirsty? #2

This is second time I worked with water for blender rendering. This time, I decided to make a water being poured into the glass cup. (With a help of tutorials)

Fluid Simulation


Floor material adjustment


Fluid Simulation #1

Yes! I was able to make water being poured into the glass! For this, I used a physics system and made the water layer behave as a liquid. However I realized that it is kind of difficult to control all the liquid as these liquid particles reacts randomly when it its the glass.

The fluid simulation did not seem realistic enough as well due to the colors. Hence I decided to make the image brighter.


Rendering in progress


Color variation


Anyone thirsty?

From this experiment, I was able to put my hands on physics engine which I thought only mathematicians and super-smart people only uses (and game developers). However, I realized the physics engine was not hard as I expected (but it is still hard though) and with the physics engine, I was able to create a realistic image without modeling the water individually - which will take tremendous amount of time.

Render Engine: Cycles Render