Anyone thirsty?

While I was experimenting with water rendering, I came across a new rendering engine called the 'LuxRender'. Until now, I only used Blender internal render and Cycles render for my rendering process, which I had no problem. Then, one time, my brother (who started blender 2 years earlier than me; he also posted few pictures on the site (look for Subway scene) ) came up to me, and recommended me using a powerful rendering engine called the LuxRender. At first, I did not know the significance of LuxRender, however, I realized that LuxRender creates REALLY GOOD final results (looks super real and looks absolutely fabulous). So I thought it is nice to practice using a LuxRender as well, so I decided to create a simple rendered image of cup with water.

The image below is the final result that I created with LuxRender.


Cup of Water

As you can see, the final result looks really realistic (even my mom thought I just took a picture with my camera).

However, one thing was that I realized was that there were so many stuffs that I had to get used to before actually create more complex rendered images (It is quite different to Blender internal render engine and cycles engine).

Render Engine: Luxrender