With the help of the tutorial in, today, I decided to work on something very simple, however with high quality finish. So I thought modeling a cup seemed to be a good choice.


The picture above shows the cup and the surround environment which will be included in the rendered picture.


This is the camera view.

Now, if I render this image I get the result on the bottom.


The quality of the finish looks really nice.

However, there should be something I could do to make it better - Adding reflection to the mug.


As we can see, the reflection of the mug helps the rendered image to look more realistic. 

Is there more I could do? - There is.


Using bunch of nodes, I tried to add some colors and textures into the image.


Final Result

I am really satisfied with the final result as it produces high quality realistic image. It was also good experiment, getting a hand on how to manipulate and add textures to the scene and to the object.

Render Engine: Cycles Render

(Tutorial help: