Glowing Ball

After creating numerous rendered images with blender, I decided to create something different from I created so far; Sci-Fi rendered images!

However, I did not know where to start with so spending some time, I came across an idea of image of a ball with super cool neon lighted image.

Hence, I decided to render a similar object.

The image below is a rendered object of the sci-fi ball.


Now, when I make the white strips of the ball glow,


Looks pretty cool. Now I thought of applying some reflection which will add to the atmosphere of futuristic appearance.


Really nice. Looks very cool and cute as well. Now, I thought of experimenting with different colors for the light.


So cool! I think it will look more cool when I add a blur node to this image:


Now it looks more futuristic as the light smoothly spreads out. I also decided to experiment with compositions as well.


The final results of this work look very nice and futuristic due to the neon lighting. If I apply these design settings, I think I could be able to create some fabulous works.