Interior Scene: Bedroom

Interior Experiment (Working in Process)

Interior! Since the first time I used blender, I really wanted to create a cool interior with blender. And this experiment is my first blender interior piece I ever tried.

I decided not to go over the top with my first interior piece, since I knew I will not be able to create a satisfactory work. So I decided to make it simple.

The image below is final result I came up with:


Bedroom Scene

The interior scene looks really great! (I kinda wish I have a room like that). However, I realized I should do something with the light on the right hand side. At first glance, it looks like a window with bright outside light, however as I kept looking at the image, it started to look like just a slab of wall which can emit light. I think I should start to work more with scenery.

Render Engine: Cycles Render