International Sculpture Festa 2013


On May 10th, there was International Sculpture Festa taking place in Seoul's Art Center, Korea.






















During the Exhibition, I was able to discover very interesting sculptures displayed in the Gallery.










There was one artist which caught my eyes during the exhibition - Kim Ki-Hoon.

It was very interesting how he integrated the kinetic and mechanical elements with painting or sculpture to create a very unique and smart art piece.








It was very surprising to discover that the painting was actually moving due to the mechanical component behind the picture, carefully shifting the image.








Rest of the sculptures displayed in the gallery:












































































































































































































































In conclusion, I was surprised by how less time it took me to go through all the gallery due to quite small number of sculptures displayed in the gallery.

Also, there weren't many foreign artists displaying their sculpture in the gallery - mainly Korean artists displaying their work. It was quite a pity that I was not able to see more variety of sculptures from diverse countries. To sum up, the gallery experience was not that compelling as I was expecting, rather disappointed by how less work was displayed - large number of artists were from Korea, instead from different countries, while the focus of exhibition  supposed to emphasize the "international" area of the sculpture festival.