Rainy Window

It's been a long time since I did something off from a tutorial, so I decided to do something learning from tutorial this time.

Today, I decided to use blenderguru.com for my tutorial for creating a rainy window.


This is the process of creating a raindrops on the window.


After adjusting the amount and the size of the water droplets, I thought of rendering this:


...So cool

Now, it's time to add more details to the image - the mist.


And the light.


Adding Light

The image looks really great! However it seems that there need to be more adjustment for the lighting.


Configuring light


Light Adjustment


Now, using the compositing node, I decided to add some depth of field into this work.


Depth of Field

...And vignette



The final result looks very fabulous, however I think there needs to be adjustment with the position of depth of field. Apart from that I was really satisfied with the final outcome.

Tutorial Help: www.blenderguru.com