Macbook Pro

I was wondering what I should model next, and I got inspired by this image:


Laptop Render - by Heui Sung Kim

So I thought I should model my MacBook!.

Modeling Macbook Pro


However, I realized to get a precise detail of MacBook was actually really difficult. However, I tried my best to get the closest looking image of my MacBook Pro.


Now, since I am done with modeling, I decided to place it in a situation.


Macbook Model in Situation - Without Depth of Field

Looking Good. By the way, the scenery behind is some cafe in Seoul National University that I went while I was doing International Summer Institute in Seoul National University.

Now it's time to adjust depth of field. 


Macbook Model in Situation - Adding & Adjusting Depth of Field


I tried to find an interesting composition, but it was not easy.


After few tries, I decided the one in the bottom seemed to be a good composition.


Overall, I was satisfied with the final outcome, however I still feel somewhat unrealistic when I see this rendered image. Therefore I think I should develop more to get more realistic rendered result.