Interior Scene #3 (Work in Progress)

Hey guys! Today I tried to create another interior scene with Luxrender. As I mentioned before Luxrender allows user to create very realistic rendered results compared to cycles.

**This work is in progress. It will be updated later in this month**

First, I wanted to test something before going into modeling the interior scene; and that is experiments with lighting.
The image below shows a test that I did with luxrender with sun lamp. As you can see we can see a very clear boundary of shadows created by the windows - and that was what I wanted to test. I was just wondering whether the luxrender lighting actually allows that kind of light interaction with the modeling, and luckily it does.

Luxrender Lighting Test - As you can see there is a very clear boundary which underscores the shadow created by the window.
Now, once I am done with the lighting test, it's time to model the interior scene! I decided to make the interior simple with lots of windows - since that's what I wanted to include in this interior scene.

Looks cool so far! However the interior seems too small in terms of width. So I think it's a good idea to increase the width just a little bit. 

Interior scene with increased width
With the increased width, the scene looks much better - there is more space for the shadows to cover up the space plus, I think it is good idea to make the room spacious for this interior experiment.

Since now I am done with basic modeling, of the interior, it's time for add some textures into the scene! 

Interior scene with textures
Wow! With the textures on the floor, the interior scene looks more realistic! (At least for the floor)
Now, it's time to add more textures: the Ceiling.

Interior Scene with Ceiling texture
 Now, with the texture added to the ceiling, the interior starts to look more fancy! 
At this point, I decided to alter the sun lamp slightly, increasing the amount of 'turbidity' - which seems to control the amount of dust could be seen from the sun light (or.. maybe not)

The Interior Scene with increased Turbidity
 As we can see, the interior scene actually looks quite hazy (it could be the noise to due to short rendering time). Also we can discover that the colour scheme of the scene actually changed into warmer colour - there seems to be more of the yellow and warm colour palette added to the whole scene, which I think is pretty nice.

Now since we are quite done with the lighting as well (Although we are going to come back to tweak small bits and pieces later,) I think something has to be done to the scenery outside the window; So far it looks really empty.

Therefore I decided to add something that I have not yet tried before; Add a tree!

Scenery outside with a tree
Adding a tree was actually not that hard! I discovered that there was a tree generator plugin for blender, which could generate trees with adjustable branches and leaves. So I installed the plugin after downloading the python file, and able to generate one tree!

Now I decided to add few more trees to the scene.

Scene with few more trees
 Looking good! Now, I think it's time to fill up the missing parts of the exterior scenery.
I decided not to focus too much on the scenery outside since I want to focus more with the interior scene.

Scenery with ameliorated exterior scene. 
 Now, it's time to tweak the sun light once more. I decided to make the overall environment, a warm and spring-like atmosphere. 

Scene with increased Turbidity
Ah... makes me want to sleep actually. At this point I realized that I haven't sincerely thought of adding a texture to the wall! Therefore I decided to add a wall texture!

Scenery with wall texture
 Hmm...after putting the texture in, I was actually not satisfied with the visual effect created with the texture. So I removed it.
Scenery without the wall texture

To be continued...