Scene - Hanok

Hey guys, it seems a while until I post my work. This time it is nothing fancy or anything; I just did a practice with my blender work with an oriental theme (Korean theme because... I am Korean lol). I always wanted to make a scenery about Korea, and this is a first render!


The very first scene is a basic composition that I started with. No materials, yet. I just wanted to see how it looked like when I rendered. Oh and yes, I used LuxRender for the render engine.

I purposely placed a Forest background as majority of the Hanok (Korean traditional houses) are located in the forests, or places where there are lots of trees.


Now, I added a materials to the table and the doors. Now, it starts to look more realistic.


Adding few more materials.


Now, it's time to add some materials to the cups and the pot. I actually took a ceramics class in Seoul National University in Korea for summer course and I learned so much about ceramics and the materials used to make a ceramics. I decided to add a materials with transparent glaze with bit of green colour added to it. 


At this point, I was not satisfied with the composition of the cup. So I tried to see how it looked like when the cup is not placed in the scene. As you can see, it feels... sort of empty.


Therefore, I added the cup but with smaller size, along with a small bowl to fill the space up.

I wanted to add an oriental painting to the cup. So I used a UV Wrapping, mixing with a Node. However UV Wrapping was very complicated. As you can see from the image above, it doesn't really look like a painting.

So after numerous trial and error, I managed UV Wrap the image properly. (Phew)


Final Render

 Depth of Field is always a component which makes the picture more realistic and fancy. So for this scene, I added a Depth of Field.


Final Render with Depth of Field

In conclusion I am satisfied with the final render. However, the Depth of Field scene does not really look very nice. It looks incomplete, and I don't really know what makes it the scene incomplete. If anyone has any advices or suggestions, Suggestions and advices are welcome!