Abandoned House Interior Scene

Hi guys!

I think it's been a long time I've posted something up here. Today, I decided to model a abandoned house interior. I had this imaginary interior scene in my head, and I thought it would be nice to visualize what's in my head into real scene.


As we can see, I started to add some furnitures into the scene. The scene is very basic, and the scene in my head is actually very empty as well.


Now, I started to add some textures to the furnitures and to the walls.


Although the scene in my head is empty, the scene I made it so far ridiculously empty; I had to put something in. So I decided to add some cloths using the cloths simulator and a cup.


Now the scene looks quite done. (At least according to my head). So it's time for compositing.


Warm Atmosphere


Cold Atmosphere

Overall, I am generally satisfied with the scene as it did cover up the majority of the image that I thought in my head. However, there is something missing still; I still don't know what is lacking but, I guess I have to wait until I suddenly realize what else I want in there.