Starting the new site


After serious number of weeks and months, I decided to change my experience of blogging, including posting my latest works from blender and sketches - I was very frustrated with the limitations of the customization which I was able to do with blogger. I tried using wordpress, tumblr and other blogging services, however they did not offer the customization that I wanted (I am actually planning to make a post about the design of  ideal blogging system in the future.)



In addition to showcasing my work of blender and sketches, I will be also posting my thoughts and experience and quotes which I find deep and heart moving.

I also might start reviewing books which I read and find very meaningful. (But not 100% certain, yet). And finally please put in mind that there could be some changes to the site as the site is still in beta.

I hope to look forward sharing my thoughts and enjoyment with the new clean, minimalistic template! See you soon!