Starting Motion Graphics


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and enjoying your winter break! I was also able to enjoy my christmas as well, and now I am slowly getting back to my working routine. Hence, more blender, sketches videos and works will be published soon!

Last month, I prepared myself to expand my knowledge of 3D modeling and got my hands on something called 'Motion Graphics'. Hence there will be few motion graphics video published in the future as well.

Since last week (before christmas), I officially started to study and experiment with motion graphics and able to produce few (very short) animation clips. Below are the few clips that I produced after learning and experimenting with Motion Graphics. All of these animation is done with Adobe After Effects.



The video above is my first experiment of motion graphics (I was super excited at this point). After the first test, I start to experiment further.



At this point, I thought making an intro video using motion graphics was a good idea. Hence I decided to add some more meanings to the video.



Willy's logo variation 1.

Willy's logo variation 2.


In a conclusion, I think the study was very successful and I am very satisfied with my first outcome with motion graphics. I cannot wait until I can fluently control and produce more motion graphic animation to create great visual library of animations. I also hope that this will help me to stimulate and increase my design and artistic creativity.