Blender ∣ Fuse


It has been a while since I made 3D models with Blender. Although it may sound as an excuse, I was not able to do modeling work due to my bad health. No worries though,  I got much better now and I am slowly getting back on track. Hence, you will find more of my works being posted soon.

This piece, 'Fuse' is inspired by my very friend 'Snuzzlescuf' as I posted a picture of an electric fuse to my instagram months ago. When Snuzzlescuf saw my picture, he made a comment that he thought the picture was 3D modeled. So I actually thought it was a good idea to actually make the picture by 3D modeling, and this is the work, inspired by the picture.

I did not fully replicate exactly shown in the photograph, however tried to capture the whole atmospheric emotion and the concept.

The making process includes 3D modeling and rendering with Blender and post-production work with Photoshop.


You may also find the final piece in the Blender Gallery.

You may also find the process video in the Video Gallery.




The Fuse


The image below is a final outcome with color.


The Fuse - with colour


The Process

The process of modeling the 3D modeling was not that difficult but time consuming. Majority of shapes are low poly, hence there was less organic shapes to model.



3D modeled scene


However, the real problem was rendering and adding texture. Since the composition of the piece was a closed up, it was difficult to actually focus and create adequate detail for the human eyes to determine as realistic scene.



Add materials to the scene


It was also extremely difficult to get all the lightings correctly in order to produce the atmosphere effect that I was going for. For this piece, I wanted to have some solitude environment, while it was cold and dark as well - an environment where although it is daylight outside, the inside is dark and there is only small amount of sunlight coming through. This typical setting also provokes an emotion of tranquility as well and commonly found in atmospheric settings in few of Japanese animation movies.



As I mentioned before, it was also difficult to capture the detail of some of the models as the scene is closed up. Hence for this modeling, I used Normal mapping to give some more realistic texture which makes the light reflect according to the texture inputted.



After adding more detail with Normal mapping, I gave few compositing effects such as gaussian blur and vignette, using photoshop as post-production.



Before post-production

After post-production


Overall, I am satisfied with the outcome, as I think I was able to create a realistic, photo like image. However, there are still some areas where it doesn't look realistic enough due to lack of detail and bad lighting. This, I will have to adjust for future works.