Digital/ concept Art Practice


Disclaimer: The work just a practice piece, the copyright goes to the original creator (Maxim Revin).


For the first (?) time, I decided to study on a field called concept art and the reason for this is because concept art allows the user to creatively transform the canvas into something that he or she imagined. Like any other art, it allows the artists to communicate with the audience, illustrating their thoughts and emotions. I found this very attractive skill set to have if I want to portray my ideas to the audience effectively.

Hence, I decided to start studying straight away and searched 'concept art' in google. There were thousand of examples of images which were defined as concept art, and while I was scrolling down the page, I was able to discover one image which made me desire to draw.

The image is originally by an artist called 'Maxim Revin' and as a practice, I decided to draw a duplicate of this piece just to make me get started in this field.




Using my Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, I first drew out the basic outline of the work. Sketching out wasn't really a huge problem to me since I was already familiar with practice of drawing and sketching; although I still need to practice as experience of drawing with a tablet is significantly differs from drawing on a piece of paper.



After drawing out the basic outline of the characters, it was time to draw some backgrounds. At first I did not realize the importance of outlining the background, however it was only soon enough that I realized that this practice is extremely important.


Now, this is where it started to get difficult - adding Color. Thanks to my basic knowledge of Photoshop and the familiarity to the UI, I was able to get a hang of how to add colors and few effects which enlightened my practice piece. However, it was very tedious process.




After that, it was just matter of adding background to the scene and adding few effects such as motion blur, gaussian blur, etc.



Finished work


In conclusion, the practice as been successful as I was able to learn so much by this practice - adding effects, investigating form, color choices etc. I hope to develop further and able to produce my own concept work from now on.