Beauty of Coding


Since December 2013, I started to learn a programming language due to my intense fascination of computer science and its collaboration with Art, design and technology.

I originally thought of learning computer security, however I realized that programming is a fundamental element that you need in order learn computer security, which made me decide to learn programming to begin with.

I decided to learn C language as it helps me to learn other language easily as well, such as C++ and Java, which, I heard, is other languages which is required or at least very helpful in order to learn computer security.

Starting with C

Learning a programming language is like learning a new language. Luckily the sets of rules (so far) was not that difficult to learn, and so far I was able to produce variety of programs for variety of purposes.

One thing I realized that most of the practices that I did was based on mathematical questions, writing codes to solve the maths problem. I cannot wait to see how I can apply this process to create something beyond the mathematical playground.

The Beauty of programming language

While I was learning how to do C language, I discovered that it all comes to logic and problem solving: There are sets of rules and questions, now you have to solve it - like a puzzle. 

I realized that this process require not just logical and critical thinking, but also creative and innovative thoughts to come up of solutions. Since there are unlimited number of solutions, the important thing is not whether you have solved it, but how you solved it.

This 'how' seems to be something that I was able to be fascinated and realize that creativity and artistic production does not only lies on art subjects, but also in mathematics and engineering.

The code below is one of the code that I found it beautiful, which represents a program to print the 'star: *' in pattern.


#include <stdio.h>

int main()

int i;
int j;
int k;

for(i=3; i>=0; i--)

for(j=3; j>i; j--)
printf(" ");

for(k=0; k<=i*2;k++)



return 0;



Although it may seem insignificant when we have a look at the output of this program, we realize that the aesthetic of this piece of code due to its relationship between each sentence and the functions, linked together. 

Learning coding is so far have been a great experience for me in both tackling new areas and able to enhance my creative thinking skills as coding requires the programmer to think creative as well.

Now I realize why some people say that mathematic equations are beautiful, and why programmers are often called artist and designers. Because they are. The difference is that they use codes and programming instead of paints and brushes.