Blender :: Interior :: Aura Home (Bathroom)


This is another Architecture Visualization practice piece following from 'The Edgeland House' scene from last week.

I found a source image in the site called 'The Design Chaser' and you should definitely check it out if you are interested in design.

This piece is very simple (it didn't took much than I expected) piece and I didn't really have a hard time creating it - which worries me because you improve as you struggle. Perhaps the composition of this piece made the scene look good whatever you do? I don't know. But it wasn't that hard to create my result. I think I should do something more challenging next time.


Part 1 :: Modeling

As I mentioned before, modelling was tedious, very tedious but for this scene it didn't took long since there weren't a lot of objects in the scene. I actually were dubious about the fact that since there weren't a lots of objet in the scene, so it might make the scene look boring (and unrealistic - Although at the end of the day, the scene looked okay to me.)


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 1 :: Modeling


Part 2 :: Texture & Compositing

I honestly didn't do any compositing in Blender. So that is a mistake on the title. Anyways texturing was actually fun to do for this piece. I think the reason for that is because of the towels. I placed two towels in the scene which is in two different textures/ pattern with some special modification, creating a 'realistic' material for the towels. I think that was a good start for the texturing part for my scene because I didn't do much for the towels, and it turned out pretty decent. It actually looked like a towel; although I believe there is rooms for improvements.

The rest was not that hard as you just have to dab in few textures with simple node modifications and that was it. It was fun (probably because it turned unexpectedly good)


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 2 :: Texture & Compositing


Part 3 :: Post-Production

Post-production was the most fun section for me to work - I was able to see the improvement of the picture while I was working, giving me the motivation to push it to the next level and make it more realistic. And for this post-production work, I did some modifications to the scene (adding some tile boundaries, shadows etc) which unexpectedly made the scene look realistic. One thing I was bit unfortunate about this piece was that there was too much fire flies - bad computer (what can I do?).


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 3 :: Post Production



I realised that doing interior pieces off from the real, existing scene is actually a good practice to help me improve in my Architecture Visualization skill. But I also realised that I have to carefully manage what piece I should work on (if it is too easy, I am getting nothing out of it) and what mindset I should work. I hope I don't get 'addicted' to just copying a real, existing scene for my ArchViz works because if that happens, I won't be able to creatively create the scenes that I really want to create for myself.




Aura Home (Bathroom) - Final result