Thoughts :: Swift


Since the moment I fell love with technology, I always wanted to learn how to code; I love making (anything), and coding seemed to be the way to make something in a digital medium with almost no restrictions. You can create anything (Almost anything).

Hence, eager to learn how to create my own universe, I dived straight into how to code C language. And as a result, it was difficult. Very difficult.

When I first saw the language I was confused by the fact that what does this function do and why on earth am I suppose to know this function? - How will it help me create the things that I want to make?

I was dubious. And like any other people in the world (expections to few) I starte to feel bored about learning how to code (learning C language). It was complicated. (I still don't know why we have to add return 0; and why I have to add main () in the very beginning. All so confusing).

However, I still wanted to learn how to code because of its potential and capabilities. Eventually I just closed my C language book that I bought in th bookstore and kept in somewhere (hoping to open it in close future, able to master C language by then).

Few months later, something came up to my mind - I wanted to build an app for iPhone. I had this sudden urge of making an iPhone app so I started to surf and search in google, 'how to make an iPhone app'. As expected, numerous sites popped up in the top search result. With much enthusiasm, I clicked it hoping the first very article to be my complete remedy for my concern. However, as you have expected, it wasn't.

They all (almost all) told me that I have to learn C Language and plus something called Objective-C (which was the actual language that is used till few months to create Applications for iOS devices).

I sighed, but had no choice and started learning C Languages again. It was boring (not as that boring as last time because I had a purpose of learning this language this time: I wanted to create an iPhone application) and still difficult. I was frustrated at one point and had no idea what the video was teaching me and peeked at Objective-C. Again hoping this time to be a gold mine. But this time, it was more difficult.






What is this.

I had to click backspace and gave a huge sigh, face facing down on my arms. I felt kind of devastated, although I knew that I will be able to learn the language one day, because I know I can do it. Just takes time. With almost no hope but to return to the basics of C language, something came across my eyes: iOS programming with Swift.


With dubious emotions, I dragged my pointer to the hyperlink and watched the first lesson.

I was mindblown. I never felt so easy and confident to code (expect HTML and CSS) for iOS application. This was the gold mine. And thanked Apple to make my life so much exciting. I am still in a position of learning the basics of Swift but so far, no problem. I was going through like a breeze, and now I can't wait till I get started on the next level.


The default screen of Swift


At that point, I started to understand the essence of C language, and Objective-C and why I felt to stuck in the head. The language was indeed an archane language. It was like learning latin while you want to learn how to speak english. Now with the fact that I am learning english, it made me feel like now I can relate it to latin. In other words, learning Swift made me more comprehensive with learning the C language and Objective-C.

I am still learning the basics. But I can't wait till I get to finish the foundation and start building the application. For anyone who is starting how to code (especially making an iOS app) I want to recomment Swift. Because there is a reason why Apple made a modern language before forcing you to learn the latin of programming language.