Blender :: Interior :: Modern Interior


For this interior piece, I decided to create a scene which consists of lots of clothes (as a result, the render time took ridiculously, ridiculously long), but I think it was worth a shot because I realized that having lots clothes wasn't the solution to create photorealistic interior scene.


Modeling did not took particularily long, considering the number of objects placed in the scene. The final scene is not simple, though not complicated. I think the number of objects inside the scene is adequate, filling enough space for our human eyes to be satisfied.


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 1 :: Modeling & Texture :: Modeling


Clothes (I thought this was the magic trick)

For this scene, I placed a lot of clothes inside the scene, hoping to create a realistic looking scene while provoking visual interest in the scene. However, my expectation was, again, proven incorrect. I had to admit, the problem for photorealistic scene depends (I think) on the level of control of usage of materials and the modification of it.


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 2 :: Modeling & Texture :: Cloth Simulation


The process was very long, and slow. My MacBook Pro did not seem to be capable of handling such huge files (caches) for baking the simulation for clothes. I assume it took about 1 and half day to complete the clothing simulation for this scene. At this point, I got worried whether my MacBook will catch fire while rendering.


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 3 :: Modeling & Texture :: Texture & Carpet



I decided to take some quality time for adding texture to this scene - I think its starting to get into my guts that the texture is a key element which determines whether the scene looks CG or realistic.

Adding texture to this scene was in fact made me realize that I need to focus on detail and advance techniques of manipulating more than one materials per object. I think it was a good practice for me to realize and forces me to focus more on the details of the scene.


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 4 :: Modeling & Texture :: Finalising Texture


Post-Production (Thought this was the magic trick too)

Post-production process was actually wasn't that difficult, but it was still quite hard to make the scene realistic and eye-catching. For this scene, the dark emphasis and manipulation of shadows were the key to make the picture more interesting. Creating contrast and saturation also seemed to effectively improve the visual impact on the scene significantly, however to be honest, it still felt like CG. There was a quote from Andrew Price (BlenderGuru) that if you are not satisfied with the scene before post-production, you won't be satisfied with the one after as well.


Blender Time-lapse Video - Part 5 :: Post-Production



Overall process for making this scene was actually fun, but rigorous - the render time took so long (plus my MacBook Pro slowed down so significantly, I thought it was catching fire) but It was a good practice. I think I am getting there, creating photorealistic scene, however, it seems that I still have long way to go.