Blender | Project :: Revamp | Bedroom Interior (2013)


Last year (2013), I created a small interior scene just to try what architecture rendering feels like. Plus, it was for my project called 'Fluid Furniture'. 

Back then, my blender skill was not that high hence my scene was very, very empty. Here's the scene that I did:


I came across this scene again last month and thought it will be nice to develop the interior scene to more quality finished piece.

Project:: Revamp

Project:: Revamp is my personal project to develop my previously completed work that I did in the past. And this bedroom interior scene is my first Revamp project series.

Part. 1 - Modeling

Modeling part was the most time consuming part of my development. Since the original scene was very empty, I had to come up with a new composition, furniture layouts and larger size interior.

However, the process of adding furniture was not that rigorous, as I adapted the process of importing the previously created 3D models into my scene which saved my time immensely.

Some people might call it a cheat, but I think this method is very efficient in terms of completing your interior projects.



Disclaimer: Most of the models and textures are used from the Architecture Academy by Andrew Price



Part.1 - Modeling & Texture


Part. 2 - Texture

Texture was not difficult as there were already textures added to the imported models. Hence, I tried to improve the detail of the scene with texture (using displacement mapping, normal and specularity nodes, etc)

Part. 1 and Part. 2 overlaps each other as I continuously added and refurnished the modelling while adding textures to the scene.


Part. 2 - Modeling & Texture


Part. 3 - Post-Production

Post-production was not that difficult like the texturing part as all I had to do is add the glow effect to the windows, add vignette, twitch few contrast and brightness of the scene.

But one other thing that I did which I never tried before was adding a colour filter into the scene. While I was studying the in the Architecture Academy, I realised that emphasizing a scene with a particular colour works great in terms of expressing the atmosphere of the scene. It was also interesting to discover that with colour, we can predict what time of the day it is in the scene.


I think one of the big contribution to good quality outcome is not depended on the post-production but by the quality of the raw rendered outcome.


Part. 3 - Post-Production


Part. 3.5 is post-production process of scenes which are rendered from different perspectives with varied composition. You can think this as my composition (camera based) experiment.


Part. 3.5 - Post-Production (Additional)



The project revamp was an interesting approach to develop my previously completed work and I think it was a good experience for me to do that since I realise how much my blender skills have improved over the following months. Overall, I am very satisfied with the final outcome and I hope to do more of the Revamp series in the future.

Final Outcome(s):