Adding a Family - Studio Visit to Kennet Studio


I sometimes wish I met these people earlier; I had a visit to a Kennet Studio owned by J.Hans and Ruah. J

I love music. I love playing them, listening to them (though I have few music genre that I don't really like), and I love making them. However, since I came to Korea, it has been extremely difficult to do all the three I listed above; I don't have the environment and the instrument to do such thing. Although it could sound like an excuse, but it was close to impossible for me to practice my music activity. Until now.

J. Hans and Ruah. J are brothers that I met in the church who does music for their life. In the beginning I didn't know whether they had a studio or not. But once I found out that they had one, that was something that caught me. I asked them whether if I can come to their studio for fun and fortunately they said yes, and allowed me to enjoy the space and explore.

Below are few shots that I took in the Kennet Studio. Fabulous place, I must say. Now I will never miss a single practice for my music.