Quick Jam session at Orange Tree


Trying something that I never did before is somewhat challenging but exciting at the same time. The nervous emotion that we feel when we have to do something unusual could be uncomfortable. But strangely enough, it is surprisingly pleasant after the event is over. A jam session at the Orange Tree was an event which forced me into this situation.

Everything started out on sunday, when a tall lad called 'J. Hans' approached me asking whether I am interested in doing a jam session on the 25th of April. I was excited when I heard the offer and decided to do the jam session straight away - I thought these kinds of experiences are something that I cannot experience frequently - could be once in a lifetime offer. Who knows?

But it was only one day that I started to feel uncomfortable - very uncomfortable - about the concert. To be honest, I was nervous about standing in front of the crowd and do a jam session with my bass. I am not even a bass major. But I knew that these are only excuses and I thought regretting by doing something is better off regretting of not doing.

Still, I felt uncomfortable till the very last minute of the before the concert. However once the music started, somehow this emotion of panic and nervous vanished, completely in my mind and I started to enjoy the vibe that it created in the space.

After the concert, it was absolutely great. Had so much fun and met handful of people. And especially, the experience was something that I cannot get quite often.

Below are few of the photos of the Jam Session nights that I did. I hope if I have a chance to do something similar like this again, I would definitely go for it.