After working over a few months, a project Undiscovered by Eun Chong Lee is now finally complete! The project was a great opportunity for me as I was able to learn so much from this and offered me to meet lots of different people. Moreover, I had so much fun doing the project and I hope to do more projects like this in the future.

On May 9th, our team prepared a special event for public movie screen for project 'Undiscovered'. This project is a short documentary about a young musician who is yet undiscovered to the world, but who has great potential as a musician.


Undiscovered Public Screening event


The event was separated into 4 sections:

  1. Short introduction about the documentary, 'Undiscovered'
  2. Short lecture about culture, music, art relation to christianity
  3. Undiscovered public screening
  4. Mini concert by Handeul Lee

The event turned out to be great, we had special events such as short mini concert of the artist 'Handeul Lee' who is the main character of the documentary.


Short lecture by Sung-Hyo Yun

Handeul's mini concert:


Short interview with Handeul Lee's mother


Overall, the whole event was really great. The project itself turned out to be one of the best projects that I ever participated, able to meet different people, collaborating to create a decent medium of art work.

Especially the I am really grateful that I met these people, the warmth that they shared as a community of Moria Music Production, as artists and as friends, is something that I cannot forget during my life. I hope to be able to participate more project like these in the future.