Sketches :: Cor


It is time for me to get back. I mean seriously, get BACK.

It was third week since the break I had from my national military service. The weather was getting cold and I was adjusting to my new lifestyle. And I realised that it has been a while, really a while since I did a sketch. 

Again, I decided to do an improvisational sketch for my work and realised that my sense of sketching has dramatically felt weird - I realised that I need more practice and now was perfect timing. It was time for me to get back and jump to next curve. However it was not easy as it sounds.

The first piece was just an explosion - explosion of my emotional state of what I felt about producing, or rather, expressing the difficulties that I was facing while producing work. I was not satisfied at all with all of my works that I was doing. I was struggling myself to alleviate my skills of craftsmanship to next level, but I constantly kept failing. I kept asking, what am I doing wrong? What is it that making me struggle? What is holding back? I had to find a solution, fast.


I realised that as I kept doing this piece, I felt a sense of secureness - a comfort that you feel when you are relieved when something that you planned was complete and not have to worry about it anymore. I realise that I am getting back on track and I am going in a correct direction. I just hope that I redeem my satisfaction of producing work as time goes from now.


The second piece is called a 'Cor'

I, honestly, did not planned to draw the object that you are seeing now in first place - after all, it was an improvisational piece anyways. However as I drew, I felt that this piece was representing something more deep, which arouse emotions - a heart. It feels like those circular object that I drew a centre of large object which is not represented on the canvas.


The drawing process was not bad, at all. I realised that as I kept drawing the things that I like, without any boundaries et cetera, it felt more like a recreation to relief my internal stress. It felt good. As now I am planning to get back on track of work mode, I think I am off to a good start.


Improvisational Sketch - 'Cor' - Process Video