Improvisational Sketch:: calidos metallo


I think it was last Sunday, on January 4th, 2015, that I was discussing a project with an artist called J.Han. We were discussing few things regarding with his music and how I can collaborate with him. At the almost end of the talk he came up to me and said 'When I see your sketch videos on YouTube, I get this feeling of strong metallic atmosphere - not just an ordinary metal, but a warm metal'.

This phrase from him stuck on me very strongly because he just perfectly described the identity and the definition of me in one phrase which I was expressing with my sketches. It was profound, so I thought I should make a sketch video focusing on expression of 'warm metal'.

Hence the title of this piece is called calidos metallo (warm metal).

Again, this is also improvised; at the beginning I had no idea how this sketch will end up, but it turns out to be pretty good after it was done. I hope you enjoy.


Improvisational Sketch Video - calidos metallo



Improvisational Sketch - calidos metallo