Improvisational Sketch:: Screwed Up


This is a improvisational sketch video that I did, and it is called 'Screwed Up'.

This is a piece where I screwed up (literally) and tried to do something out of it. During the video, you will be able to see myself finding to sketch this piece with frustration, leading me to unleash the stress and mark the canvas with random lines (which lead me to more stress because I was even more stuck on fixing the mistakes that I marked).

However, I was able to learn something valuable today. It happens to be that somewhere along the line, I started to sketch, not for myself, but in order to show them to other people - this meant I wasn't being fully honest with myself while I was sketching and took consider of making the sketch just 'look good' to other people for their acknowledgment. 

Sketching is one of my ways to express anything which is in my mind, from my emotions to an idea, it could be anything. And I believe this practice of self expression requires my honesty towards myself. And luckily, I think I was able to realise I was heading a wrong direction for a while.

I hope to really set my priorities in a way that I focus on the fundamental/ the core or the essence of the reason why I am doing a particular studies - whether being a sketch, 3D modelling, concept art, etc... Being judged by other people could be scary, very scary at times, but this is something that I believe to be something that is unexchangeable with anything. Lets not fear of being judged. Lets do the things that follows my heart.



Improvisational Sketch - Screwed Up



Improvisational Sketch - Screwed Up