Improvisational Sketch - Invely


This project is for Invely.


 The process of this sketch was not that difficult, though I realised that I really need focus on the composition of the piece - the overall work looks very mundane; there is no dynamic to the piece.

Hence I think I need to focus on the control of the dynamic of the overall composition for upcoming sketches.


Once I was done with the original sketch, I felt something was missing - rather I felt the sketch was bit empty. Hence I decided to fill up the empty space .


The overall work is satisfying but there's definitely room for improvement: I need to focus more on the dynamic of the piece. I need to make sure that I am not just filling up the space on the canvas. Every detail has to have a specific meaning and purpose and I think I haven't got my sketching skills to that depth yet.



Improvisational Sketch - Invely


Improvisational Sketch - Invely (After Ver.)