Sound 01 | 雨


Since last year, I wanted to try a project to create a song that I have in my mind. I made few sketches by recording them to my iPhone 5s, and it sounded pretty decent. Hence I decided to actually do it, instead of just thinking about doing it.

I personally don't like songs with lyrics - rather I love music which arouses an atmosphere or emotion. Majority of songs with vocals tends to disrupt that concept by being underscored in the track.

The concept of the songs that I made is 雨 (rain). Coincidentally, it was raining outside while I was recording this song. 

There are no vocals or other instruments in these songs, except piano. While you listen, you might realise that these songs does not follow the structure of other mainstream tracks in the market. These songs are just expressions - there are no limits and there are no rules. My future songs will also be just expressions. I hope this song will act sort like an ambient background 'noise' where you don't have to concentrate listening to them.

There are two versions of the song - very similar to each other, but one song is 5:35 minutes long and other one is 10:48 minutes long.

Album: 雨

Track 1 - 最初の雨 - (Short Ver) - 5:35

Track 2 - 最後の雨 - (Long Ver.) - 10:48

The first song is called 最初の雨, which means the First Rain. The second song is called 最後の雨, which means the Last Rain.

I recommend you listen to the song when you alone, or if you just do not want to think anything.

Hope you enjoy.