iOS History of my Apple devices

Electronic gadgets that I started to collect since 2013 has been more than just a tool that aided me to work better - it was also an iconic representation of a computer revolution which and remnant of a soul of Steve Jobs, an individual who marked a significant dent in history of mankind.

Since I give the gadgets more than just a mere recognition as a tool, it is my nature to give a special meaning to something that I felt special about. The iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro that I have (right now) are the main examples that I feel deep emotional connections with the gadgets.

Because of all of this, choosing suitable background for my devices was (and is still) one of the most difficult decision that I take when customising my devices. You can think that it is bit too much to think like that, however strangely for me, organising the devices the way that satisfied me was never too much.

Somewhere around the May of 2015, I decided to change my background for my iPad and iPhone 5s, something that can be inspirational and I can be satisfied with. After researching and twitching bit by bit with Adobe illustrator, I was finally be able to pull off few of the background images that I can use for my devices. But before I jump into the conclusion, I want to share with you my history of my Apple devices and the background images for my devices.



iPod touch 4th Generation

The 4th Generation iPod touch was the very first Apple device that I was able to get it on my hands. I still remember asking my dad for the music play which I though was insane - I never knew touch interfaced can work extremely smoothly on such small devices.

After pleading to get one, I was finally able to own it and it was the one of the most memorable thing that I experienced in my teens.

I cannot remember where I got the background images for my iPod Touch, but I am still using this wallpaper since I started using them.

iPod Touch 4th Generation - This is my first Apple device that owned

iPod Touch 4th Generation - Home Screen


MacBook Pro (15-inch Fall 2012)

When I first got to Chicago for my School, I and given a 15-inch MacBook Pro for me to use - it was a mandatory policy. I remember at that time I didn't really know the significance of the history of the Apple company (honestly, I didn't even know who Steve Jobs was and didn't even know Apple existed). It was very first moment for me to experience the Macintosh OS. 

I personally think the fact that I received a MacBook Pro and had an opportunity to play with the device was one of the most revolutionary turning point in my life. Now, I don't think I can ever turn back to using Windows again - translating from Windows to OS X was like shifting from Gameboy to Nintendo. It was really an amazing experience (though it took me some time to get use to it). However, if I were to be able to choose my computer again, I would probably go for an iMac.

There are no specific Wallpaper image that I used for my MacBook Pro since I used the default OS X wallpaper for each OS version. I am currently using OS X El-Capitan Public Beta Version (August 2015).



iPhone 5s

After realising the philosophy and the history behind the Apple products and the company, I realised that owning an Apple device was no longer just owning a simple, ordinary electronics that you can use and throw it away once you are done with it. The insane philosophy that Jobs illustrated overwhelmed me and made me want to get an Apple device for my mobile tool. At that time, I was using an Galaxy S3 and I never felt so great of switching my phone.


iPhone 5s Default Background

Almost all of the original iOS Background that comes with the devices are slick, well captured and integrated with nature (strange isn't it?). I personally think the default backgrounds are pretty decent for users (including me) to use them for quite a while, however there's one factor that ultimately set my mind to change it: the fact that my iPhone looks the same compared to other iPhone users.

I think this desire to become unique compared to other iPhone users plays critical role in customising my background away from the default image.


iPhone 5s Customised Wallpaper Ver. 1

When changing my wallpaper for my iPhone was very time consuming and difficult decision that I went through. Due to my desire for perfection, I wanted 'the wallpaper' for my iPhone - a wallpaper that is perfect and I won't change them forever (or at least for quite a while).

I realised the minimalism are the design style that I loved, hence I decided to search for Background image that captures the sense of minimalism. While searching for the background image on the web, I came across few iPad images with minimal vector illustrations on the site called 'The Verge'. From there, I got few names of the Artists who created the wallpaper for the iPad and iPhone and decided to utilise them for my wallpaper.

The image on the right are the iPhone screen with the background image that I used for more than a year. This wallpaper was the one of wallpaper image that I loved to use.


iPhone 5s Customised Wallpaper Ver. 2

I realised that human beings can never be satisfied with something forever.

After using the first customised wallpaper for more than a year, I started to feel that I need a change for my wallpaper. The wallpaper started to feel mundane, archaic and frustrating. The vibrant red colour for my iPhone background started to become uncomfortable to my eyes, pouring more desire to change the wallpaper to something new. Though, if I see the wallpaper now, I have the sense of nostalgia, however I realised it was time to advance to new background platform.

I still wanted to have the the sense of minimalism with my iPhone and I still loved the triangular vector illustrations. Hence I decided to use different colour scheme for my iPhone wallpaper, while all the other factors of vector illustration remains the same. 

I started to search the web, looking up the google photos which might have the image that I love, however none of the images that I found were satisfying. Hence I decided to do something that I have never done before: to create a vector image myself.

Using Adobe illustrator, I experimented different colour scheme for my triangular vector illustration. And amazingly enough, I was able to pull off few satisfying background images that I might use for my iPhone and iPad as well.

The image on the left is the background image that I created which I decided to use for my iPhone background. I am very satisfied with the background, and hope to use them for a quite a long period of time as well.

Notice: The Japanese language setting for my iPhone devices is intentional as I am currently learning Japanese. I wanted to familiarise with the language more, hence I set my language for my phone to Japanese.


iPad Air

An iPod, an iPhone, a MacBook Pro. It is obvious that I wanted to complete the Apple line-up. No, I am just kidding. I still remember the time of thinking of getting a tablet, and the main reason for the tablet was due to the books that I wanted to read. I wanted to read a lot however assuming the number of the books that I will have, I realised that I won't be able to carry them all to states. Plus it probably have took up a lot space in my house. Hence an eBook reader was my next choices for my devices, and Apple just launched its iPad Air.

After owning the device, I realised that the Air was not only a perfect device for reading, but it was perfect for watching video contents both online and offline. Seriously, I never realised that able to choose Apps from such a large ecosystem was such a privilege. I never knew iPad could download this many Apps.


iPad Air Default Background

Similar to iPhone 5s, iPad air's default background wallpaper was satisfying. However it was true that the image was seen almost everywhere (especially on advertisements) which reduced the uniqueness of the wallpaper. It didn't take me long to change the wallpaper into a new one.


iPad Air Wallpaper Ver. 2

As you can see, the wallpaper that I used for the iPad is same as the wallpaper that I used for iPhone. This was because I wanted to emphasise that the products were closely linked or rather connected each other instead of being played individually.

The wallpaper itself seemed to be well designed for iPad wallpaper as I remember that the original image was purposely made for iPad use.

I think TheVerge played a big role in helping me choose the type of wallpaper for all of my Apple devices as the Verge continuously illustrated the usage of iPad with the wallpaper of the style.


iPad Air Wallpaper Ver. 3

While creating few wallpaper images for my iPhone, I wanted to set my wallpaper for my iPad different from the iPhone. Since there were few decent vector illustrations that I was satisfied, I decided to set the the wallpaper image fit with the season that I was in (Summer in this case). Hopefully I would be able to change the wallpaper for every season changed.

The wallpaper itself is pretty satisfying for me except that the brightness seems to be bit dark, or unsaturated. Apart from that I personally think the wallpaper have done a pretty good job in capturing the flat and minimalist design style.


2015. What next? 

In year 2015, Apple have already launched, both visually and functionally, amazing products on its line, maintaining the status as a harbinger of consumer electronics. iPad Air 2, the new MacBook and Apple Watch. All of these devices have starting to make some moves to influence the way we live and interact with the world.

I personally think that I will probably buy Apple Watch in the future. As I mentioned in the post in the past, I still don't know the significant reason why I would need a $300 watch which could do more than reading the time. But I know I would buy one, one day.

I would probably buy an iMac for sure, in order to replace my workplace device. After adopting an SSD for my hard drive and an upgrade for my RAM, my old MacBook Pro still does it's job pretty well (it is seriously surprising to see that the computer still works fine after all those disgustingly harsh renders for my 3D studies). But I know for sure, for the same price, I will get an iMac for all my mainstream design and studio works. I believe this kind of heavy work should be done on a desktop computer, not a laptop. Plus I don't really need to (and want to) carry around my MacBook Pro for me to work.

Due to the reason for my desire for an iMac, I would probably not get a new MacBook, since I think it is completely unnecessary for me to own it. Seriously, I would buy an iMac instead.

Finally, I also do wish some upgrade for my mobile device, mainly because of the ability of Apple pay. I think the ability to pay for product and manage the bills electronically looks very elegant and addictive. I know for sure that once I get the taste of mobile payment such as Apple pay, I will never, ever will get back to using my cash money and perhaps my credit cards.