Improvisational Sketch 7


I realised that I haven't uploaded my sketch videos in a while, so I decided to do so with slight upgrade to my video quality - I've always wanted to add motion graphics to my videos.

Sketching process itself didn't take that long; I expect that it took me approximately 2 hours to sketch. It was enjoyable experience as it was a while since I drew something in a timed and recorded environment.

Following the title of this piece, this is an improvisational Sketch, hence I didn't sketch this piece with certain object in my mind - I gradually built it up as I kept drawing. If you were to put meaning into this piece, I hope you can see this piece as 'expression' of me.


Improvisational Sketch 7

Improvisational Sketch 7 



Improvisational Sketch - Invely


This project is for Invely.


 The process of this sketch was not that difficult, though I realised that I really need focus on the composition of the piece - the overall work looks very mundane; there is no dynamic to the piece.

Hence I think I need to focus on the control of the dynamic of the overall composition for upcoming sketches.


Once I was done with the original sketch, I felt something was missing - rather I felt the sketch was bit empty. Hence I decided to fill up the empty space .


The overall work is satisfying but there's definitely room for improvement: I need to focus more on the dynamic of the piece. I need to make sure that I am not just filling up the space on the canvas. Every detail has to have a specific meaning and purpose and I think I haven't got my sketching skills to that depth yet.



Improvisational Sketch - Invely


Improvisational Sketch - Invely (After Ver.)


Improvisational Sketch 6


Another sketch that I did in a midst of ongoing project with J.Han. The outcome of the sketch did not come out as I imagined in the first place, however the final outcome looks solid itself, hence I am satisfied with the final work.

Nevertheless the satisfaction, I started to realise that I am at the point where I need to start refining little details. In other words, now seems the time I need to take my sketching skills to next level.



Improvisational Sketch 6


Improvisational Sketch:: calidos metallo


I think it was last Sunday, on January 4th, 2015, that I was discussing a project with an artist called J.Han. We were discussing few things regarding with his music and how I can collaborate with him. At the almost end of the talk he came up to me and said 'When I see your sketch videos on YouTube, I get this feeling of strong metallic atmosphere - not just an ordinary metal, but a warm metal'.

This phrase from him stuck on me very strongly because he just perfectly described the identity and the definition of me in one phrase which I was expressing with my sketches. It was profound, so I thought I should make a sketch video focusing on expression of 'warm metal'.

Hence the title of this piece is called calidos metallo (warm metal).

Again, this is also improvised; at the beginning I had no idea how this sketch will end up, but it turns out to be pretty good after it was done. I hope you enjoy.


Improvisational Sketch Video - calidos metallo



Improvisational Sketch - calidos metallo



Improvisational Sketch:: Screwed Up


This is a improvisational sketch video that I did, and it is called 'Screwed Up'.

This is a piece where I screwed up (literally) and tried to do something out of it. During the video, you will be able to see myself finding to sketch this piece with frustration, leading me to unleash the stress and mark the canvas with random lines (which lead me to more stress because I was even more stuck on fixing the mistakes that I marked).

However, I was able to learn something valuable today. It happens to be that somewhere along the line, I started to sketch, not for myself, but in order to show them to other people - this meant I wasn't being fully honest with myself while I was sketching and took consider of making the sketch just 'look good' to other people for their acknowledgment. 

Sketching is one of my ways to express anything which is in my mind, from my emotions to an idea, it could be anything. And I believe this practice of self expression requires my honesty towards myself. And luckily, I think I was able to realise I was heading a wrong direction for a while.

I hope to really set my priorities in a way that I focus on the fundamental/ the core or the essence of the reason why I am doing a particular studies - whether being a sketch, 3D modelling, concept art, etc... Being judged by other people could be scary, very scary at times, but this is something that I believe to be something that is unexchangeable with anything. Lets not fear of being judged. Lets do the things that follows my heart.



Improvisational Sketch - Screwed Up



Improvisational Sketch - Screwed Up


Sketches :: Cor


It is time for me to get back. I mean seriously, get BACK.

It was third week since the break I had from my national military service. The weather was getting cold and I was adjusting to my new lifestyle. And I realised that it has been a while, really a while since I did a sketch. 

Again, I decided to do an improvisational sketch for my work and realised that my sense of sketching has dramatically felt weird - I realised that I need more practice and now was perfect timing. It was time for me to get back and jump to next curve. However it was not easy as it sounds.

The first piece was just an explosion - explosion of my emotional state of what I felt about producing, or rather, expressing the difficulties that I was facing while producing work. I was not satisfied at all with all of my works that I was doing. I was struggling myself to alleviate my skills of craftsmanship to next level, but I constantly kept failing. I kept asking, what am I doing wrong? What is it that making me struggle? What is holding back? I had to find a solution, fast.


I realised that as I kept doing this piece, I felt a sense of secureness - a comfort that you feel when you are relieved when something that you planned was complete and not have to worry about it anymore. I realise that I am getting back on track and I am going in a correct direction. I just hope that I redeem my satisfaction of producing work as time goes from now.


The second piece is called a 'Cor'

I, honestly, did not planned to draw the object that you are seeing now in first place - after all, it was an improvisational piece anyways. However as I drew, I felt that this piece was representing something more deep, which arouse emotions - a heart. It feels like those circular object that I drew a centre of large object which is not represented on the canvas.


The drawing process was not bad, at all. I realised that as I kept drawing the things that I like, without any boundaries et cetera, it felt more like a recreation to relief my internal stress. It felt good. As now I am planning to get back on track of work mode, I think I am off to a good start.


Improvisational Sketch - 'Cor' - Process Video



Sketch:: Vectors (Video)


It's been a while (a long time actually) since I uploaded a process video of my sketch work. So I thought it would be nice to start uploading them again onto youtube, sharing my work with others:

I did two vector experiments but recorded just one sketch as a video.

Improvisational Sketch inspired by Vector illustrations. 

Final Outcome: